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Everyone acquainted with the Village of New Salem realizes it is more than a collection of log homes and buildings. It is the reconstruction of a Time and Place that enabled a once poor common man like Abraham Lincoln to rise to national prominence and importance through his own diligence and drive. The six years Lincoln spent in the Village formed the turning point in his previously aimless life, for it was at New Salem that he decided to set out upon a career of Law and Statesmanship.
Lincoln's New Salem State Historic Site preserves those hard years of Lincoln's life and those of his fellow pioneers in a "living museum." It represents a special place in our nation's history, and people from other nations all over the world visit the site each year.

The New Salem Lincoln League is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the village by sponsoring special events, craft demonstrations, providing support to the volunteer program, and raising funds necessary to assure the continual care and preservation of this piece of the Heart of America.

The League is operated by a twelve-member Board of Directors, elected each year at the Annual Abraham Lincoln Birthday Dinner in Petersburg, Illinois. There is no committee work involved as a member of the League, and names are not put on any company's "mailing list." Helping hands are always welcome, however, from those who do have the time and desire.

We'd like to offer you an opportunity to become a member of the New Salem Lincoln League. In doing so, your gift will help continue the Tradition of this beautiful and unique part of our nation's past.

Membership entitles you to a 10% discount in the Museum Store. You will also receive the League's Newsletter -- full of happenings and accomplishments. Dues are just $15 per year for both individuals and families.

Why not join us in The Tradition? For more information and an application to become a member, Email us at

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